Vittek returns to Slovan Bratislava

Striker Róbert Vittek is returned to Bratislava Slovan. After the action ended in Hungarian Debrecen remained a moment without a club, but on Tuesday, the third league Fortuna informed about his re-return.

His arrival is follow through even after the administrative page, on Tuesday, he trained with mužstvom, the contract is valid until the end of the 2016/17 season, with the possibility of an agreement on an optional additional cooperation. Vittek'll be able to muster already in a duel against Trencin.

"We're very excited that Robo is back in the Slav. We've got along very good relations and negotiations of this contract have been short and fast. We wanted to help him at a time when you looked for new engagements and hope we will also help on us. We promise you from him the benefits of proper identity of the club that players realize what jersey obliekajú and what it means to play for Slovan. it can bring about the right slovanistický spirit and betting bonuses in Kenya delivered to the booth positive momentum. Robo in short to Slovana belongs. it is exceptional in the game back to back gate and game Super positionally, where just such a type of striker we currently lacked, "said club vice president for Ivan Kmotrík ml.

Vittek thereby admitted that the offer of a Slav him a little surprised. After all, only recently they broke up their journey. "But it is a very pleasant surprise and very ma pleased. During the winter I were prepared individually and you feel well. Slovan is my home and I am very happy that I am back, this is my bleeding heart. I've always been and behold I will Belas, "said a skilled attacker. He was succeeded even in representations, lead passes itself it has played 82 matches and gave 23 inductee, which so far nobody overcome.