SC Heerenveen - SBV Excelsior

After four matches without victory Heerenveen last week repaired the taste and outside managed to bring down the last Go Ahead Eagles. In this trend will continue against the Excelsior, which on paper is no stronger adversary. The Rotterdam club, while not bad form not lost three times in a row, but this time at the Abe Lenstra Stadion will come without a few players.

Primarily the loss of midfielder Hichama Faik, who has a groin problem, may prove to be very crucial. In the past two matches against Vitesse and Alkmaar he scored three goals together and were a major offensive engine. Additionally missing will be striker Mike van Duinen, then injuries are also Arghus defender and midfielder Danilo Pantic.

Visiting coach Mitchell van der Gaag simply not going to take any chances. And he said that the first two appointed surely will not play. "I'm supposed to Mike's injury even worse? We have a plan that would spring back should appear on the pitch," said van Duinen medical condition. "Before the match in Heerenveen we have good prospects. We will do everything we can to win."

Friesian club will be in this duel favorite. In November, although he never failed, but in December Nacala to your liking. At the moment, losing the third PSV just four points. "It would be great if we fall finished with 32 points," has set a daunting goal defender Joost van Aken. It would have to beat Heerenveen in addition to the Excelsior and Willem II.

Compared to last year, home significantly improved their defensive work. While at the end of 2015 they shone on account of received goals formidable number thirty-two, now there is seventeen. "Last year we had a big gap. But when you're playing as a team, you can achieve greater stability," realizes van Aken.

Heerenveen will miss a pair of players, defender Jerry St. Juste, who injured his ankle in the last game against Deventer, and the forward Henk Veerman. "Excelsior play compact football. When going forward relies on fast strikers," warned van Aken. "We want to win. It seems a pity that we only lost at home this year with Ajax."