Pribram lost devítizápasovou home invincibility

Missed the chance to move away glide on the penultimate rung and Hradec Králové still has a three-point lead. Kotůlek has changed compared to the last report of Olomouc losing to Teplice on four points and although he had to do without experienced mainstays Ordos Vepřek, Sigma at its unpopular stadium in Pribram long showed more quality than domestic. They seemed out of himself still shook the memories of autumn mutual game, which suffered a crushing defeat 1: 6th.

On Hanáci they were to know how much they want to break a series of recent setbacks. Forward Varadi, who gave Kotůlek chosen precedence over Dolezal, already in the eleventh minute he could send his team ahead, but the ball is sent into the net by hand and place the celebrations saw only a yellow card. Then from a good position headed next Plšek a dangerous shot Peter tamed Pribram goalie Pear. Pribram had a problem in the combination, and the transition to the offensive half of the opponents and stayed away from making repeat performance of the last home match, which defeated Slavia.

For a long time the last event was a dangerous shot stopper MIŠUN of the goal after a previous penetration. Sigma their better expression morphed into the leading goal until 66 minutes, paradoxically, when Pribram in the field fell into step. Javůrek left back after a great action found the exact passport Navratil, who scored a sharp blow. Central Bohemia, although in the last three home matches, scored seven goals, but against Olomouc chose a weak day.