Finns had a big chance in the second minute when

Pihlström missed, but hit Starkbaum. On the other hand, he distinguished himself against Kristlerovi Catchers Orti. But the game belonged to Finns. Another possibility was Aaltonen and in the fifth minute opened the scoring flow Väänänenovy Pihlström wounds. Vanek could settle soon, but in the release he dodged the puck and to end with gotten. In the ninth minute increase home when Kontiola found between the circles and Savinainena striker, who replaced the first formation resting Pesonen, hit just under the top bar.

Finns have at this stage of the match under control in 28 minutes on the power play five against three have increased their lead Kontiola, who pushed a shot from the blue line. In the middle of the game, Herburger collided with the goalkeeper in the goal area Orti, sparking a brawl. 34 minutes into the leak and did not turn because Reichel foul Hagman.

At the end of the second part was when the Austrian powerplay disqualified for five minutes and game misconduct Welser, but as a newcomer to the elite category with two trefám shorthanded at the beginning of the third period came into play. He vanekově soon as the ball hit exactly the upper left corner of the goal Ortiovy Lakos, drove in two minutes Herburger and it was just one goal. Finns but insure the lead in the 50th minute when a penalty when Hundertpfundově hit from dorážky Korpikoski and 56 seconds, established himself as Hagman.