Friday, February 3 2017

The race will be long

"But to win it is not enough just to win the pole position. I still need to have the fastest race car. We have to be careful, we saw what happened in Bahrain," said Rosberg. Besides Vettel is second line to become the second man of the overall classification Kimi Raikkonen of Finland with

Unfortunately I have to note that

"I have once again found cancer. I am already three weeks in the hospital and I have already started with therapy," said Kirisits. Slovak hockey players lost on Friday in Helsinki at the World Championships with Austria 1: 2 after penalty shootout. The decisive raid turned Vanek. Slovakia

Finns had a big chance in the second minute when

Pihlström missed, but hit Starkbaum. On the other hand, he distinguished himself against Kristlerovi Catchers Orti. But the game belonged to Finns. Another possibility was Aaltonen and in the fifth minute opened the scoring flow Väänänenovy Pihlström wounds. Vanek could settle soon, but in the

Pribram lost devítizápasovou home invincibility

Missed the chance to move away glide on the penultimate rung and Hradec Králové still has a three-point lead. Kotůlek has changed compared to the last report of Olomouc losing to Teplice on four points and although he had to do without experienced mainstays Ordos Vepřek, Sigma at its unpopular

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